Join the lab

I welcome students to join our group! Explore the ‘Research‘ page to find more information about our study systems and the type of research we are doing. Depending on your interests, you can do field work, process and analyze field samples in the lab, analyze already collected data, or any combination of these options. See here for available student research projects. You are also welcome to come with interesting questions of your own, within the context of our current research or independently!  

If you are a Yale-NUS or NUS undergraduate, there are several ways in which you can participate in our lab. You can either do a capstone / honors project (two semester’s worth of research), an independent project (one semester), or a summer project (three months). If you are interested in pursuing a graduate project in our lab, you will need to apply to the graduate program at the Department of Biological Sciences at the National University of Singapore. If you are a student from another institution and you are interested in one of our projects, please contact me.


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