Ester Suen

Ester Suen |  Research Associate

I was born in Canada with parents from Hong Kong, but grew up in Singapore. I recently graduated from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, with a B.Sc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation and a minor in Geography. I am currently back in Singapore and am in the midst of taking a year off to explore new fields, gain experience, and build my skill set. Spending four years in a different environment in Guelph has led to a greater interest and appreciation of the immense biodiversity in Singapore which I am eager to learn and discover more about!

My primary interest is in ecology as I feel that its interconnected nature is necessary and fundamental to address many of the world’s challenges. I am interested in ecological sustainability in urban environments, especially in tropical systems, such as the one in Singapore where I call home. I am also interested in broader themes such as human-environment interactions, nature conservation and community outreach.

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